Here is what some of our friends have to say about us:

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Shoal Creek Animal Clinic has such a wonderful,caring, and professional staff. Looking for a great place to take your babies, Miller and I highly recommend. We love you guys!!!


Wonderful humanitarian care for animals…Dr. Elder is to be applauded!


Dr. Elder has been wonderfully patient and accommodating with my fearful dog. He’s made more progress with her in a few short months than anyone else in years. We are big fans!!


Dr. Elder has been wonderfully patient and accommodating with my fearful dog. He’s made more progress with her in a few short months than anyone else in years. We are big fans!!


My cats visited Dr. Askren and his colleagues many times over the years I lived in Athens. They were always friendly and thorough, and even helped me with several rescue cases on short notice. Highly recommended.


We get postcards when they are due back, and I always appreciate that. If there is a problem that is beyond their expertise, they will refer us to a specialist. They are personal, extremely caring, and compassionate with animals.


I love this place. I happened upon it when I was out walking with my dogs. Very convenient East side location near Kroger’s.Small established (15 years in business) hospital with caring staff. Young Dr. Elder was able, concerned and got me an immediate appointment with the necessary specialist.Follow up calls are made regularly. These folks have your animal as their first concern!!!


Shoal Creek Animal Clinic are great with dogs. I really like how well they relate with dogs. Got great service and rates.


I relocated to Athens from San Diego with two 8-year-old basset hounds and chose Shoal Creek Animal Clinic because of it’s proximity to my home and the other Yelp review and I’m really glad I did. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and I really like Dr. Elder’s no-nonsense approach to animal care. Both of my bassets have myriad health issues, and before we left my San Diego vet had prescribed a long list of expensive tests and procedures (ultrasound and possible surgery) to definitely diagnose and treat my female with Cushings Disease. Dr. Elder said he didn’t believe tests and even treatment would improve her quality of life. If we were okay with letting her drink a lot of water and making sure she had access to the backyard to “expel” the water, then she’d be just fine. He said the drug he would give her for Cushings had non-desirable side effects. I appreciated his honesty.


So, when we moved here our dog was only 3 months old and she was due for her next series of shots within a week of being here. The first vet we took her to was nice but there was only one doctor there are we had an appointment but waited over an hour to get seen.  We went ahead and got her shots there but never went back. The second place we took her was after she hurt her leg and they claimed she needed a splint and all this other stuff and we believed them.  However, their front desk lady was always rude and the vet and his staff were immature and I didn’t feel that they listened to our concerns….sooooo, we went to yet ANOTHER vet….Finally, on the recommendation to Pawtropolis, I took Frankie to Shoal Creek….they explained that she never really injured her leg that bad and that the previous vet should have taken x-rays of both legs and they would have noticed that.  Also, both vets (Dr. Elder and Dr. Askren) are sooo nice and they explain everything.  I feel that the doctors and all the staff truly care about your concerns and your little furry family member’s well being. Even though we are getting ready to move to Watkinsville, I will still take my dog and kitties there.